Premium Fava-Beans

We are your responsible supplier of high-quality pulses from Germany

The roots of our young and growing company lies in the agricultural production and trade.

Our production site lies in the heart of a significant bean cultivation area close to the North Sea. Our beans ripe in ideal conditions in the sea climate.
We are in direct contact with the producers and can thereby influence and ensure the high quality of our produce.

What can we do for you?

We use highest standard sorting- and packaging-technology at our production site - and can adjust to your individual wishes.

The FAVA-TRADING offers:

  • Fava beans pureware in HPS-quality
  • Peeled and split Fava beans
  • Diverse other pulses

By request other refined products like flour, wholemeal and oats can be offered.

Anything is possible!

Our efficient logistics will satisfy you

From 500 grams bags with individual printing for the food retail trade to a 24 ton container:

We fill our products as requested to all possible packaging units.

For fast delivery we maintain additional storage capacity in major ports in the United Arab Emirates.

Fun with the product

The very best quality ist just enough

Gapless transparency all the way to the origin are just as important to us as a very strict permanent quality management - this on every single production step.

Your new partner


Phone: +49 47 77 / 809 888 7

Production Site Address
Schmiedestraße 8
21781 Cadenberge - Germany

Registered Office Address
Altenwisch 1
21730 Balje - Germany

Purchasing Manager
Torsten Stehr
Mobil: +49 1 73 / 201 14 35

Sales Manager
Alexander Rosenow
Mobil: +49 152 / 3392 1839

Managing Director
Jan Schulze-Geißler
Mobil: +49 160 / 271 80 55